Supercharging last mile delivery

Utilising technologies for customer benefit

In this live broadcast, find out how innovative technologies are facilitating more flexible deliveries for the customers and how the likes of AI and data analytics can improve and create a sustainable and personalised last mile delivery.


The panel discusses:

  • Unpacking last mile delivery models: what new opportunities are there to offer flexible and personalised delivery services?
  • How can new technologies facilitate better services and improve profits at speed and at scale?
  • Data and AI: unearthing new tools to optimise routes and improve service offerings
  • Identifying where best to automate services: maintaining the human touch
  • Legacy vs start-up: understanding what technologies are most suited for practical business needs
  • Future-proofing delivery: sustainable cost-reductions within the last mile
  • Exploring how to build interactions that increase trust, develop brand loyalty and delight customers
  • Keeping an eye on the Big 3: opportunities to compete with the growth of self-fulfilment across major ecommerce platforms

Hear from our expert panel:

Natalie Frow, Vice President Operations – Home Delivery, DHL

Richard Blown, Head of Innovation and Architecture, Hermes Logistics Group

Guido Vangenechten, Transport & Logistics Sales Director, Europe, Honeywell

In partnership with:

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