Streamlining supply chains and exceeding in customer experience

From first mile to last mile: streamlining supply chain operations in the e-commerce world

Being customer-obsessed in logistics is a cost-intensive game that can make it difficult to compete on price. As volumes soar and deadlines tighten, companies are beginning to turn to automation to solve that paradox.


Markus Reckling, Managing Director, Germany, DHL Express

Rosie Bailey, Commercial Director, CitySprint

Jorge Gonclaves dos Santos, IT Architecture Director, CTT – Correios de Portugal

Sebastian Seutter, Global Manufacturing Lead, UiPath

  • Keeping up with the e-commerce boom during a pandemic: in what ways have supply chains been affected?
  • How can companies streamline their supply chain operations across their networks and warehouses?
  • Taking advantage of exploding demand: fully embracing automation in sales and operations planning
  • Moving from multi to omnichannel service: developing the single, automated customer view
  • Unlocking greater agility and scalability across networks and warehouses to accommodate seasonal peaks
  • Staying one step ahead: how can predictive analytics improve network resilience?
  • How best to optimize routes, logistic executions, and freight settlements through intelligent automation?
  • Streamlining your supply chain: automating your flow from contracts over orders down to claims and escalations
  • How to balance rising customer expectations with falling willingness to pay
  • From repetitive to meaningful: what does the interim period look like for the future of work?
  • Interacting seamlessly with industry third parties: how can technology help?
  • What about compliance? What’s the role of automation in complaints handling?
  • Restructuring data to provide the insights necessary to head off the next threat

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