Simona Tarabasanu

Head of International Mail Department, Poşta Română

Simona is a detail-intensive and strategic leader of international initiatives in the postal sector, applying 25 years of experience to operations direction, program and project management, and team performance. She is fluent in Romanian, English, and French

Areas of skill include:
• Providing expertise in administrative leadership, human resource administration, operations management, process improvement, policy development, system establishment and control, program and project guidance, marketing, fiscal oversight, quality assurance, and customer satisfaction.
• Executing international events through planning, budgeting, scheduling, site selection, contract management, bid processing, procurement, staffing, travel arrangements and transportation, logistics, room layout, promotions, participant, contractor and vendor management, event execution and close-out, and post-event evaluations.
• Aligning divisional goals with organisational mission, establishing and maintaining business relationships and strategic partnerships, and recruiting, training, and focusing teams to meet and exceed expectations.
• Prioritising, organising, and executing extensive agendas in demanding settings, realising timely and cost-efficient deliveries of concurrent projects, and maximising opportunities to increase efficiency and achieve continuous improvement.

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