Rachel Lim

Rachel Lim

Co-founder, Love, Bonito

Having started her own online fashion business at the tender age of 19 when e-commerce was minimal, Rachel and the brand was immediately propelled to the forefront of the industry, revolutionizing and headlining the spheres of online retail and redefined the fashion scene in Singapore. The style maven continued to garner a strong following among women with her innate ability to engage, relate and connect with them.

In line with Love, Bonito’s mission to empower women’s confidence through style, she is able to further touch and impact the community of women she and the brand have created. With a personal mantra to live life on the edge and in seizing every opportunity, Rachel left school to grow the business. Today, Love, Bonito remains to be the leading fast-fashion label in Asia, designed specifically for Asian women’s fit. The brand has grown beyond Singapore to Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Australia.

She believes that everyone has a unique purpose and she endeavors to inspire them to discover and live out their true purpose.

Rachel was recently honored by Forbes as Asia’s 30under30.

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