Peter Menky

Peter Menky

Chief Commercial Officer, DoDo

I have gone through many different types of companies in my professional career:  

  • by size – smaller, medium companies as well as corporations  
  • by business focus – B2B as well as B2C, products as well as services  
  • by field: technological, consumer 
  • by region: primarily international companies + I have experience with working abroad (USA) 
  • I also have experience as an entrepreneur in the field of fashion 

This experience gained over 15 years has given me the key know-how in sales, marketing and executive management. I have acquired soft skills mainly thanks to elite sport and my upbringing – the basis is discipline, the ability not to give up under any circumstances and to follow things through in an organised way.  

One of my greatest achievements is, in my opinion, the construction of a complete e-commerce solution for a CEE region at Panasonic; and the construction of new departments – the marketing communication department and the product management department in Prague, which completely took over the management of the CEE region in these areas from the headquarters in Warsaw. My other successes include my own business activity and foreign work experience from the USA. All achievements are also supported by numbers. 

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