Paul Edwick

Chief Executive Officer, Lucy Locket

Paul has deep interest in leading Lucy Locket into the digital age, exploiting opportunities to extend the brand through D2C activities. Primarily working through Market Places in 5 countries of Europe, Lucy Locket launched in USA in 2016.

Paul’s big project now – Europe is Easy – is to use his deep knowledge of operating in Europe and make that experience available to businesses in other geographies that want to take their share of the 300m+ active online users across Europe. Working with retailers and brand holders, Paul wants to inject the benefits of his IT investments into 3rd party merchants such that they are relieved of 90% of the red tape that so typifies doing business in Europe.

As a member of Brussels based Ecommerce Europe, Paul is involved at the cutting edge of developments in Europe’s rapidly evolving Single Digital Market. Active involvements include participation in e-logistics working groups, helping influence the development of more workable VAT reporting for goods sold across Europe and occasional involvement in the European Commission’s development of Consumer policies.

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