Øyvind Høgset

Senior Vice President E-commerce Services, Norway Post

Øyvind Høgset has spent the last 20+ years developing services and solutions for the e-commerce (and mail-order) market in Scandinavia.

His core competencies are the value chain and supply chain in businesses serving the end consumer, and he has a special interest in consumer behavior and needs.

He holds a Master of Business and Economics from BI (Norwegian Business School) with specialization in International Business Administration, where he spent 6 months in a Master program at ICADE, Madrid.

Today Øyvind is working in the E-commerce & Logistics division and is responsible in Norway Post for the e-commerce services in the Nordic region. His business area is of course the booming e-commerce market, but the task involves both handling the role as the incumbent in Norway as well as being the challenger in the rest of the region.

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