Lykourgos Manoliadis

Lykourgos Manoliadis

Deputy General Manager, Diakinisis

Accomplished and energetic, inspirational and motivating, a proven key player in the Logistics Business – Lykourgos Manoliadis encompasses all those skills.

After graduating from University of Piraeus with a BSc in Industrial Management & Technology and an MSc in Logistics, he joined Consumer and Pharma Logistics sector where he worked for more than 12 years in various positions from Warehouse Manager to Business Unit Head. The transition to the largest 3PL company in Greece, DIAKINISIS S.A, strengthened his notion towards shaping the future of Logistics.

Lykourgos currently holds the position of Deputy General Manager in DIAKINISIS S.A, overseeing complex and innovative projects of the company. At the same time, he serves as Director of the Pharmaceutical Business Unit, making DIAKINISIS S.A a premium choice for well-established customers in the Greek Region.

A restless frontrunner in all scopes of the Logistics Business, Lykourgos is also an active member of notable organizations such as EEL, ILME and the Supply Chain Institute, constantly participating in seminars and training schemes and thus contributing towards training, goal setting, and future mapping, paving the area for logistics innovation.

The key to success as he quotes is “blending talent, strategy and people’s skills with realistic business development plans, to create a winning recipe”.

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