Katharina Geutebrück

Executive Director, Geutebrück GmbH

Since 2012 Katharina Geutebrueck has been managing the family-owned company together with her husband, Christoph Hoffmann. Before she joined the company, founded by her father in 1970, she worked as a logistics manager in Italy and as an international product manager in a European industrial group.

Katharina Geutebrück speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish.

About Geutebrück:

Geutebrück has over 250 employees worldwide and customers in more than 70 countries. The family business, which Thomas Geutebrück literally founded in a garage in 1970, now has a second-generation of management provided by the founder’s daughter Katharina Geutebrück and her husband Christoph Hoffmann. Head office, production sites and development center are based in Windhagen, between Bonn and Neuwied.

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