Joona Saluveer

Joona Saluveer

Chief Executive Officer, Omniva

Joona Saluveer has been a CEO of Omniva (Estonian Post AS) since April 2017. Prior managing the whole Omniva group, he was a Board Member of Omniva Latvia (2012-2017) and a Board Member of Omniva Lithuania (2011-2013). He is very much customer and growth oriented – Omniva Latvia was growing twofold year-on-year since the very beginning and was twice nominated to WPPA (World Post and Parcel awards, previously WMA (World Mail Awards)) for its growth and great customer service.

Joona Saluveer has  background of doing business in all Baltic countries. Before joining Omniva, he managed diferent Estonian companies operating in Lithuania. He has an Executive MBA from University of Tartu and BSc from Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.

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