João Bento

Chief Executive Officer, CTT – Correios de Portugal

João Bento has an MSc in Structures, from IST, a PhD from Imperial College and an IDP-C by INSEAD. He is CEO of CTT, VP of the Engineering Academy and integrates AICEP’s Advisory Board and IPCG’s General Council. JB was CEO of GMC and Efacec and COO of Brisa and held non-executive positions at CCB, the University of Lisbon, the Mello Group, CCR (Brazil) and EDP. Was Honorary President of ASECAP and President of COTEC Portugal and APCAP. Being a tenured Full Professor, maintained academic activities until 2011, having supervised 11 PhD theses and authored 160 scientific papers. He was awarded the Grã-Cruz da Ordem do Infante D. Henrique (2016).

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