Derek Osborn

International Postal Coaching, Whatnext4u

Derek Osborn is an enthusiastic, innovative and inspiring business coach, management trainer and international facilitator.  He works globally and focuses on strategy, human resource development, innovation, leadership and change management.  He has extensive knowledge and experience in the postal business, previously in senior management in Royal Mail and now through his own company, Whatnext4u Ltd, with more than 20 years of working internationally across the postal industry. Derek is passionate about collaboration in the postal industry to share knowledge, ideas and best practice and to build capability, encourage training and foster innovation so as to promote and develop the industry. He has worked with many organisations across the global postal industry, including Governments and national postal operators, to improve operations and efficiency, develop greater customer focus, explore innovative strategies and implement transformation.  He specializes in devising and delivering bespoke senior executive programmes and workshops. He has wide experience of working internationally and cross-culturally, especially in the context of facilitating business benchmarking. Derek co-edited three volumes of ‘The Future is in the Post’ and more recently he edited three volumes of thought leadership under the title ‘Reinventing the Post.’ His most recent book entitled Exploring New Frontiers – Reshaping the Postal Industry was published in 2018 and he is now inviting authors to contribute to the next edition in this series, provisionally titled: “Exploring New Frontiers – Navigating the Evolving Digital Landscape”.

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