Darja Ljubec

Director of Technology & Global Logistics Division , Pošta Slovenije

Darja Ljubec is Director of Technology and Global Logistics in Post of Slovenia since 2015. She has been working in Post of Slovenia for 22 years. She is an expert in postal technology and process technology, since she is constantly involved in postal technology and processes in postal logistics centers. She began working at Post of Slovenia in 1996 as a worker at the post office at postal counter. In 1997 she started to work at headquarters in the field of money services and payment services. In 2003 she completed her master’s thesis, namely the reform of payment transactions in Slovenia and in Post of Slovenia at the Faculty of Economics in Maribor and completed her Master degree. In 2003, she took over the section of the Postal Technology Service and in this way became the carrier of technological development in the postal processes. She continued to work as head of the Development section and as deputy director of the Technology and Development Department, and worked on the postal services segment within these section and departments. In the Post of Slovenia, it was or is the holder of various projects, such as: introduction of computerization of warehouse business and packet expedite, introduction of a new accounting model of separate accounting, introduction of a complete renovation of information support at post offices, introduction of new technology for automation and robotization of processes in postal logistics centers, preparing the new network strategy, improving the efficiency of operations, introduction of information support to logistics processes, and so on.

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