Carl Schelfhaut

International Relations & Policy – Asia Pacific, Deutsche Post DHL Group

International Relations, Policy and Governance comprises the full spectrum of competencies to manage the strategic relationship between the German Public Postal Operator and the incumbent Public Postal Operators in Asia Pacific. Carl establishes high level bilateral and multilateral relationships with Public Postal Operators and their Regulators, facilitating joint projects, business co-operation and alliances under the prevailing international and national Postal Regulations in the Region. He develops both official and commercial relations with the most prominent and important Public Postal Operators in order to achieve bilateral or multilateral mutual win-win scenarios for Deutsche Post DHL as a Group.

In regards to Disaster Preparedness & Response under the Group’s Corporate Responsibility, Carl Schelfhaut upholds the relationship with the government departments in the Asian Pacific countries who are responsible for disaster preparedness, risk reduction and control and disaster management, in close relationship with UNDP and UN-OCHA. The main duties amongst others is to organise training sessions for volunteers, organise and coordinate the disaster response team deployments in the event of a natural disaster where the United Nations appeals for assistance in the respective country, as well as coordinate the GARD (Getting Airports Ready for Disaster) trainings for the government departments responsible for disaster management. All this is in close cooperation and partnership with UNDP.

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