Bassel El Koussa

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Quiqup

Bassel El Koussa is a co-founder and CEO of Quiqup, the London based logistics startup that facilitates on-demand deliveries for consumers and businesses alike. While fostering the execution of Quiqup’s vision, he ensures the company has the necessary resources to succeed and scale.

Through a technological infrastructure and a network of drivers, Quiqup is building a platform that allows retailers of any size and sector to compete in the digital age by offering their customers fast, flexible and efficient on-demand deliveries.

Prior to Quiqup, Bassel worked at a London based venture capital firm. After a year, he decided to leave and together with his four co-founders, created Quiqup with the vision of providing a way for people to take control of their time, and redefine urban logistics for the retail industry.

Bassel holds a Masters in Finance from Imperial College London and a BS degree in Finance from AUB in Beirut, where he also worked in his family business.

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