Brody Buhler, Chief Executive Officer, Escher

Published: 24 August 2023

We sat down with Brody Buhler, Chief Executive Officer of Escher at Leaders in Logistics Summit 2023, after his keynote address ‘Innovation opportunities: grasping the potential’ to get his take on the 3 most important things Postal Operators should be focusing on into 2024 and beyond.


Brody Buhler | Speaker
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Brody Buhler | Speaker

Brody Buhler

Chief Executive Officer, Escher

Brody Buhler is the CEO of Escher Group, having previously been Global Managing Director of Accenture’s post and parcel industry group, leading a team of more than 1,800 postal consultants working with more than 20 major post and parcel clients around the world. Brody has worked with leading post and parcel organizations on a variety of projects including strategy, transformation, analytics, operations and large-scale program management. He has deep experience in post and parcel operations, digital, sales, marketing, mail and parcel tracking and revenue protection programs. Before joining Accenture, Brody owned a software development company that focused on production and quality control software. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting and a Master of Accountancy degree, both from Brigham Young University, Utah. He lives with his wife and children in Virginia, U.S.A.